This is your opinion on Kanzi®


"Delicious and better than Pink Lady"

Barbara Jackson & KANZI®

"Sweet & crisp. Really nice apple."

Samantha Titchell & KANZI®

"Delicious and juicy"

Pamela Moore & KANZI®

"Amazing flavour - and UK grown!"

Mark Fellows & KANZI®

"Perfect mix of sweet, tang and crunch!"

Sandra Johnson & KANZI®

"A new experience in fruit - life needs new experiences"

Mark Sutherland & KANZI®

"Crisp, delicious"

Tracy Clements & KANZI®

"Lovely combo of braeburn & gala"

William & KANZI®

"Crisp and sweet"

Paul White & KANZI®


Jim & KANZI®


Ellen & KANZI®

"I'm a nightmare to buy apples for. They have to be hard, crispy and not over sweet - these are perfect. Thanks"

Clare Corfield & KANZI®

"Sweet, fresh and refreshing"

Jerry Bednall & KANZI®

"Swee, crunchy and refreshing"

Hannah Smail & KANZI®

"So lovely, tangy and sweet. Very refreshing"

Marion Smail & KANZI®

"Kanzi are just the perfect apple! Sweet with a crisp bite. Just love them!"

Luis Hall & KANZI®

"Really sweet, bursting with flavour"

Jacky Huson & KANZI®

"Nice and crunchy"